Preparing the next generation

We desire to provide a safe environment where children can WORSHIP, where they BELONG to the family of God and GROW in their relationship with Jesus!


We have a special baby room right at the right hand side of the sanctuary which we call the “Aquarium”, because of its big windows. The worship as well as the sermon is transmitted through loudspeakers, and you are more than welcome to make use of the comfortable sofas and chairs, the diaper changing table, microwave and all the toys!

However, of course, babies (and toddlers) can stay with their parents in the sanctuary for as long as they feel comfortable.



We very much believe in raising children in an atmosphere of worship and God’s word. Our heart is that your young ones feel welcomed, free and part of our church and at the same time learn to respect some healthy boundaries.

Some toddlers love dancing and waving specially created flags during worship. In addition, our team provides a table with all sorts of craft material so that the children can respond to what’s going on in the service in a creative way. Team members are there to encourage and help and they are always free to go to their parents at any point in time.

kids presenting


This group is for all children from 6-12 years old. After worshipping together with the entire church family, they go up to our kids room on the 2nd floor. Our goal is to help them to know and experience Jesus and grow spiritually so that they too are able to live the Kingdom Life wherever they are.


Our teens and youth meet twice a month after our joint time of worship in their youth room to discuss real life issues in light of what the Bible says.

All these groups are led by a team of volunteers who have a strong passion and vision to connect children to God!