How it all started

In 2007, Richard and Frances responded to God’s call for them to plant an international church in Frankfurt, Germany. God put it on their hearts to establish and disciple a community of believers who would be passionate in their worship, sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and faithful to God’s Word.

Our “essence”

Over the years, Kingdom Life Frankfurt has become a vibrant community of believers from many cultures and backgrounds who seek to be Christ-like and to fulfill His purposes on earth as they are in heaven: the Kingdom life. We love God’s presence, power and purposes and enjoy seeing God faithfully transform lives as they become part of our church family and life. We believe in the priesthood of all believers and consequently do not have fulltimers on staff. Our meetings are held in English and German.

Our “form”

Our church is considered a “free church” in Germany simply because we are not part of the evangelical or catholic state church.

  • As a free church, we are not supported financially by the state church in Germany. That means we are dependent on regular donations from those who consider themselves part of Kingdom Life and others who want to bless our work.
  • We do not follow the teachings of just one person or movement but believe in the inspired Word of God as the foundation of our faith and trust in the anointed teaching of God’s Word.
  • We do not have membership. Those who feel part of our church family invest their time and energy to build significant relationships and to serve in the regular activities of the church.
  • We are not exclusive. Everyone is welcome to visit us, be part of Kingdom Life and find their spiritual home with us.
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